The Tree Listening Project

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the bark of a tree?

The Tree Listening Project uses highly sensitive microphones to make audible the ‘popping’ of ascending water mixing with air in the xylem, the very life of the tree surging up from the roots towards the leaves.

The Tree Listening Project aims to provide an experience that engages & inspires a keen interest in trees

The Tree Listening Project

The Tree Listening Project was developed in 2007 by Alex Metcalf, as a way to engage people with trees, through linking the public with the hidden world behind the bark. Using the a of wearing headphones to listen in on the movement of water as it travels up from the ground to the leaves, in a truly personal and immersive experience. 

The Tree Listening Project is a travelling, educational tool used to facilitate a deeper understanding of ‘how trees work’.

Workshops can be provided for groups and give a stimulating environment in which to further explore the transpiration process through the ‘hidden sounds’ behind the bark. 


These activity-based workshops can consist of either a short 30 minute overview or a morning/afternoon session exploring the transpiration process in greater detail along with other hidden and fascinating aspects of trees.

“Being able to show Judi Dench what was happening inside her beloved trees was such a privilege”

Judi 2

If you’re interested in having a full installation or just a chat about how we can work together I would love to hear from you – Alex Metcalf

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